Our Mission

Live for God
Love our neighbors and
Lead people to Christ.

Our mission shapes what we do and how we live.

In our mission to create people who live for God, love neighbors and lead people to Christ, – we believe it takes focusing on values which propel us to do something.

We do so through the following values:

We define living for God as a life in which one has a relationship with Jesus. We focus daily on the redemption found in Jesus and we gather weekly to proclaim his life, death and resurrection with others.

We value global service, but we also believe all followers of Jesus are called to local service. We live like Jesus by serving and caring for one another in our church and community. We care for the sick, visit the lonely, provide food for the hungry, and seek justice for the oppressed. Though our partnership with Family Promise we work to end homelessness one family at a time.

God has an extravagant love for us and we are called to show that love to others. We love our neighbors by supporting and encouraging those within our community of faith, our neighborhood, and those we interact with in our daily lives. One simple way we love neighbors is through providing free produce throughout the summer.

As a member of the Christian Reformed Church, we value God’s truth. We never outgrow our need for God’s truth. At every age and stage of life, we seek ways to know the truth but also practice the truth through the way we live.

We pray to God on behalf of others and the kingdom of God. Our prayers not only encompass the praises and petitions of Princeton but also of the surrounding community and world.

If you have prayer requests send them to connect@princetoncrc.org

Jesus said, “Go and Make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28: 19). We take that command seriously by purposefully living in cooperation with the Spirit to bring people to a new life in Christ. We lead people to Christ by demonstrating a Christ-like attitude in our interactions and by finding, creating, and making the most of opportunities to share our faith.

Mission Partners

We support ministries through partnership, service, and giving.
Through our Faith Promise Missions fund, we support a number of local, national, and international missionaries. We also are able to partner with several local organizations in the Grand Rapids area.

The Chin Christian Church worships at Princeton Sundays at 2:30 PM.

LEMA uses Princeton as a hub for their immigrant training program which includes ESL classes.

Princeton Church | 5330 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Kentwood MI 49508 | 616.455.0110 | connect@princetoncrc.org