Pastor Steve Hull


This week we recognize the celebration of Pentecost. The Israelites would remember how they received grace then received the Law. The law was a way to live a full life. Now we receive grace through Jesus and are filled with the Spirit who brings the fullness of life.

Pastor Steve Hull and Emily Hull


In 1 Peter chapter 5, the devil is said to be prowling like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. For many of us, the beginning of our journey with God is also the beginning of a battle resisting the attack of the Devil. Before Peter talks about the devil he says cast all our anxiety on God. As we think together about how we are to trust in God when experiencing anxiety, we will hear from Emily Hull as she shares her personal experience of anxiety and faith.

Pastor Steve Hull


Matthew 5:43-48. Society has an idea of what the word perfect means, but what does Jesus mean when he says, be perfect as the father is perfect? Are we to take that statement literally?

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