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Pastor Steve Hull 02.21.2021 Jesus’ kingdom lifts the lowly — upending our understanding of greatness and call us to care for the “little ones.”

Pastor Steve Hull 02.14.2021 When you realize God is your all, you joyfully give all to follow.

Pastor Steve Hull 02.07.2021 Jesus invites the disciples, and us, to actively put into practice His teachings.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.31.2021 Jesus invites the disciples, and us, to see the big picture of God overcoming evil forces.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.24.2021 Jesus invites us to not worry, but to seek first his kingdom and righteousness.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.17.2021 Jesus eliminates outward appearance and complexities from prayer — leaving us to humbly and simply ask for what we need.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.11.2021 Jesus shares in peoples uncleanliness — in sickness and death — and turns uncleanliness into wholeness through his love.

Pastor Steve Hull 12.27.2020 Jesus doesn’t initially meet the expectations of how God’s kingdom was supposed to enter the world. What happens when reality does not meet our expectations?

Pastor Steve Hull 12.20.2020 The angels used the manger as a sign pointing them to Jesus. Once they found Jesus lying in a manger, they didn’t stay at the manger,…

Pastor Steve Hull 12.13.2020 Like Mary, we can use the gifts we have been given to be a part of his plan, to bring his message of an upside down…

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