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Pastor Heather Haveman 03.15.2020 As we are unable to gather in person for worship, we gather separately in our homes. To aid us in worship please use this linked worship guide. The worship guide has linked songs and written portions to lead us toward God with unity of thought.

Pastor Heather Haveman 12.22.2019 Knowing that Bathsheba is Uriah’s wife, King David took what was not his and then tried to cover it up. This is NOT an example of love. David doesn’t try to rationalize his sin, but God accepted the confession. By His divine grace, this is not the end of the story….

Pastor Heather Haveman 12.01.2019 In the story of Tamar we see how God is faithful to keep His promises in whatever way is necessary to bless the line of Abraham with the gift of His Son to redeem the world.

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