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Pastor Becky Tjapkes 07.12.2020 How do we walk in step with the Spirit when other desires pull us in a different direction?

Pastor Becky Tjapkes 06.14.2020 Perhaps you wonder, “where does my help come from?” Join us as we look at Psalm 121 and find out what the psalmist says.

Pastor Becky Tjapkes 09.1.2019 In Luke 10 Jesus tells a parable in which we are asked the question -“Who is my neighbor?” Do we separate those who are like us from those who are not? Compassion transcends boundaries and Jesus calls us to be free from boundaries because God loves us without boundaries. His love…

Pastor Becky Tjapkes 04.07.2019 The Feast of Trumpets was celebrated in the fall. Trumpets were blown by the priests from sunrise to sunset. This symbolized God’s domination, power and guidance. It was a call back to God’s presence and a reminder to the Israelites of God’s royal reign. We need this reminder of God’s power…

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