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Pastor Steve Hull


We continue through the book of Nehemiah. We see a comparison of the faithfulness of God and the faithlessness of the people.

Pastor Becky Tjapkes


Pastor Becky brings us to Lamentations as we think of God's faithfulness to Israel and to us.

Pastor Steve Hull


We see how the people weep and can go forward in joy because the word was made known to them. In the same way the word, Jesus has been made known to us causing us to experience joy.

Pastor Larry Slings


Pastor Larry brings us to the book of Revelation as we consider the Lordship of Christ.

Pastor Steve Hull


Nehemiah continue to show resilience in the face of opposition. How does Nehemiah have the strength to bear with these attacks and opposition?

Pastor Steve Hull


The people of Israel need to be just just as concerned of those inside the walls taking advantage of people. The people in Jerusalem begin to look just like the other nations.

Pastor Steve Hull


As we continue our journey with Nehemiah, we focus in on the opposition he experiences and how the people respond.

Pastor Steve Hull


Nehemiah presents his request to the king and steps down from his high respected position to security safety for his people.

Pastor Steve Hull


We begin a journey with the Israelites as they return to Jerusalem, rebuild the walls and renew their commitment to God. This is a journey that begins with confession.

Pastor Steve Hull


As we head to 1 Corinthians 2, we hear of how the the Spirit work powerfully through our words, even when we think they are not wise or persuasive.

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