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Pastor Steve Hull


Paul is not overcome by adversity. He sees it as part of the "gift" he has been given -- faith in Christ and sharing in Christ’s suffering.

Pastor Steve Hull


Love Never Ends (1 Corinthians 13)

Pastor Steve Hull


Neighboring does not have an ulterior motive, it is born out of a desire to honor God with our life.

Pastor Steve Hull


Though we may experience evil, or insult from others -- those experiences do not change or shade our loving response toward people.

Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus shows us that true neighboring involves caring for those in need (even those who might have been an enemy).

Pastor Steve Hull 05.16.2021 God does not call us to reject everything in creation, but instead put everything in its right place. 

Pastor Steve Hull 05.09.21 As we wait for return of Christ, we follow the footsteps of the Israelites in exile, seeking the welfare of the city.

Pastor Steve Hull 05.02.2021 Jesus’ victory not only restores hearts, but will also restore all of creation — reversing sins effect on the universe.

Pastor Steve Hull 04.25.2021 When God calls someone, he bids them come and die. So it was with Saul; so it was with Ananias; so it is with us.

Pastor Steve Hull 04.18.2021 God sends his promised inclusive Spirit to help believers point to Christ.

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