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Pastor Steve Hull


As we continue our journey with Nehemiah, we focus in on the opposition he experiences and how the people respond.

Pastor Steve Hull


Nehemiah presents his request to the king and steps down from his high respected position to security safety for his people.

Pastor Steve Hull


We begin a journey with the Israelites as they return to Jerusalem, rebuild the walls and renew their commitment to God. This is a journey that begins with confession.

Pastor Steve Hull


As we head to 1 Corinthians 2, we hear of how the the Spirit work powerfully through our words, even when we think they are not wise or persuasive.

Pastor Steve Hull


We finish our series, You Have Heard It Was Said, looking at the phrase, "love your neighbor and hate your enemy." In God's kingdom, the world is your neighborhood.

Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus flips the eye for an eye teaching on its head as he teaches about humility and generosity.

Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus confronts deceitful use of oaths and tells his followers to have transparency and integrity with their words all times.

Pastor Steve Hull


We continue a series examining the sermon on the mount and the familiar teaching Jesus focuses on.

Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus shows that there is more than one way to murder someone. The root of murder moves beyond physical killing.

Pastor Steve Hull


At the end of the Book of Judges, Israel needs a king. In our life, we too need a king and the grave is no match for the risen King Jesus.

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