Pastor Steve Hull


Neglect of the heart squanders the heart God has given but guarding the heart paves paths of peace.

Tha Bawi


Seminarian Tha Bawi brings us to Proverbs 24:11 as we enter a series in the book of Proverbs.

Pastor Steve Hull


Dependence on Jesus is not a weakness, but a recognition that he is all we need.

Pastor Steve Hull


The effect of God’s grace is not evidenced in comfort or prosperity, but through the participation in his suffering.

Pastor Steve Hull


As we close the last chapter of Nehemiah we find that restless hearts wander, until they are filled with the fullness of Christ.

Pastor Steve Hull


Nehemiah continue to show resilience in the face of opposition. How does Nehemiah have the strength to bear with these attacks and opposition?

Pastor Steve Hull


The people of Israel need to be just just as concerned of those inside the walls taking advantage of people. The people in Jerusalem begin to look just like the other nations.

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