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Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus changes our relationship with our time, talent and money.

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Pastor Steve Hull


Paul talks about the first church legalists and what it means to follow Christ.

Pastor Steve Hull


Paul calls us not to follow in the way of the grumbling and complaining Israelites.

Pastor Steve Hull


Christ provides a way forward in unity and selflessness.

Pastor Steve Hull


Paul is not overcome by adversity. He sees it as part of the "gift" he has been given -- faith in Christ and sharing in Christ’s suffering.

Pastor Steve Hull


Neighboring does not have an ulterior motive, it is born out of a desire to honor God with our life.

Pastor Steve Hull


Though we may experience evil, or insult from others -- those experiences do not change or shade our loving response toward people.

Pastor Steve Hull 05.30.2021 Jesus would go on to proclaim good news to the poor, but how would he do it? 

Pastor Steve Hull 12.27.2020 Jesus doesn’t initially meet the expectations of how God’s kingdom was supposed to enter the world. What happens when reality does not meet our expectations?

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