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Pastor Steve Hull 02.21.2021 Jesus’ kingdom lifts the lowly — upending our understanding of greatness and call us to care for the “little ones.”

Pastor Steve Hull 02.14.2021 When you realize God is your all, you joyfully give all to follow.

Pastor Steve Hull 02.07.2021 Jesus invites the disciples, and us, to actively put into practice His teachings.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.31.2021 Jesus invites the disciples, and us, to see the big picture of God overcoming evil forces.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.24.2021 Jesus invites us to not worry, but to seek first his kingdom and righteousness.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.17.2021 Jesus eliminates outward appearance and complexities from prayer — leaving us to humbly and simply ask for what we need.

Pastor Steve Hull 01.11.2021 Jesus shares in peoples uncleanliness — in sickness and death — and turns uncleanliness into wholeness through his love.

Jodi Van Wingerden 01.03.2021 Some Good News: Jesus is the King we all need, rather than the one we expected. Jesus is the good news who dares to enter the…

Pastor Steve Hull 11.22.2020 We like to receive God’s grace. We have a hard time accepting God’s grace is also for others when we feel they don’t deserve it.

Pastor Steve Hull 11.15.2020 We’ve been given the gift to worship and pray freely – let us use that gift.

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