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Pastor Steve Hull


Salvation is no assembly required because Jesus completed the work.

Pastor Steve Hull


The priests and Levites purify themselves, the people of Jerusalem and the walls before dedicating the work of their hands the Lord. This is a foreshadowing of how Christ purifies his people and they are dedicated in service to the Lord.

Pastor Amy Schenkel


Often our anxiety gets in the way of sharing God's good news with others- that even happened to Paul!  Regardless, God uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ, and it spreads like a sweet-smelling perfume.  How can this happen? Because when we die to Christ, our qualification for sharing the good news comes from Christ who lives in us.  We begin to smell like Jesus as we become more and more like Jesus in our words and actions.

Pastor Steve Hull


We continue through the book of Nehemiah. We see a comparison of the faithfulness of God and the faithlessness of the people.

Pastor Becky Tjapkes


Pastor Becky brings us to Lamentations as we think of God's faithfulness to Israel and to us.

Pastor Steve Hull


We see how the people weep and can go forward in joy because the word was made known to them. In the same way the word, Jesus has been made known to us causing us to experience joy.

Pastor Larry Slings


Pastor Larry brings us to the book of Revelation as we consider the Lordship of Christ.