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Pastor Steve Hull


Today we turn to John 14:15-17. This passage shows us that we are bound to obedience, but we are not obedient solely on our own strength. Jesus has given us a helper for this task–the Spirit of truth.

Pastor Steve Hull


As Disciples, Christ shows us by his own example how we are to live. This week we look Philippians 2 to show us how we are to serve and value others above ourselves.

Pastor Steve Hull


In Matthew 28 and Acts 1, Christ calls his disciples to make other disciples. This week, we look to 2 Timothy 1. Paul describes his own lineage of faith, Timothy’s lineage of faith and a calls him to pass that message on to reliable people.

Pastor Steve Hull


A hallmark characteristic of disciples of Christ is their love. Today, many people say we must only focus on love, but 2 John teaches us that love must be balanced with truth.

Pastor Steve Hull


Acts 11:19-26 records that in Antioch the disciples are first called Christians. Initially, the dispersed Christians only spoke to Jews, but then some disciples who were so focused on Christ started to speak to others as well. They provide an example for us today.

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