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Pastor Steve Hull


Before finalizing a marriage with Joseph, Mary is approached by Gabriel announcing what will happen. The Holy Spirit will overshadow her and cause her to do what she could not on her own. Mary as a virgin will be the mother of the promised messiah.

Pastor Heather Haveman


Knowing that Bathsheba is Uriah’s wife, King David took what was not his and then tried to cover it up. This is NOT an example of love. David doesn’t try to rationalize his sin, but God accepted the confession. By His divine grace, this is not the end of the story. Years later God’s Son, Jesus, was born. His covenant endured, and it is available to us. THIS is love-God sent His Son and His atoning sacrifice for our sins. He will come again and restore peace.

Pastor Steve Hull


Due to complications in audio recording this sermon will not be posted.

Pastor Steve Hull


In the story of Rahab we see how God brings his Hesed — Covenant love and faithfulness — through an unlikely source. God gives Rahab a foretaste of what his peace will be for those who trust in Jesus.

Pastor Heather Haveman


In the story of Tamar we see how God is faithful to keep His promises in whatever way is necessary to bless the line of Abraham with the gift of His Son to redeem the world.

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