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Seminarian Emily Hull


Hope and lament can be the path to healing the body of Christ can offer the world.

Pastor Steve Hull


Perhaps you wonder… where does our hope stem from? True hope comes from a King of righteousness and peace.

Pastor Steve Hull


“I Wait for the Lord” – waiting is often supposed to be patient, but the waiting depicted here is more like how children wait in anticipation for something.

Pastor Steve Hull


Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad place — a dry and barren land where there is no water.” We feel perhaps there is no way out. But God’s love which is better than life provides you with living water.

Pastor Becky Tjapkes


Perhaps you wonder, “where does my help come from?” Join us as we look at Psalm 121 and find out what the psalmist says.

Pastor Steve Hull


We begin a new series on the Psalms. We consider who is righteous and what our own sanctification looks like at this time. While we can be outraged, are we also outraged at our own behavior or just the behavior of others?