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Pastor Steve Hull


If God can use a muddy river to clean and restore a sick general, He can use the blood of his Son to restore us whiter than snow.

Pastor Steve Hull


David and Goliath: A story of trusting God. God, who has immeasurable power and unending love, who will get you through improbabilities and impossible challenges. May God be glorified even through the giants we face.

Seminarian Lynette van de Hoef


The Israelite people were in a time of political unrest. God reminds them, and us, that He has not and does not abandon his people because He has provided a true king who is always there.

Pastor Steve Hull


Brick by brick we build up walls to hide our struggles of addiction, self-doubt and pride. When we let Christ in, our life is given more joy, fullness, and purpose. Ee realize the grace needed in our own life needs to be extended to others.

Pastor Steve Hull


When you can find no way out of a rock and a hard place, look to the Lord, and He will make a way.

Pastor Steve Hull


Like the Israelites leaving their old life of slavery in Egypt, in Christ, we too leave behind our old life of being a slave to sin and enter a new life life of joy and grace.

Pastor Steve Hull


The betrayal of Jesus mirrors the betrayal of Joseph. What man intended for harm, God has deliberately and intentionally set out for good – to save the lives of many.

Pastor Steve Hull


God works through the rejected and unloved to bring about his salvation — a salvation which turns everything upside-down.

Pastor Steve Hull


We continue along with the story of Abraham and his son Issac, and consider what it means to be a living sacrifice.

Pastor Steve Hull


As we continue our series we look at the story of Abraham. A story where God calls one family through whom he will bless the world.

Pastor Ed Tamminga


Today we continue our series looking at the story of the Tower of Babel. The people continue to sin, building for their own glory instead of honoring God and we ask ourselves, “How does this home, this building, this place honor God?”

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