One Story: Revelations 5 – “A Dream of Heaven”

Pastor Steve Hull 05.02.2021 Jesus’ victory not only restores hearts, but will also restore all of creation — reversing sins effect on the universe.

One Story: Acts 9 – “A New Way to See”

Pastor Steve Hull 04.25.2021 When God calls someone, he bids them come and die. So it was with Saul; so it was with Ananias; so it is with us.

One Story: Acts 2 “God Sends Help”

Pastor Steve Hull 04.18.2021 God sends his promised inclusive Spirit to help believers point to Christ.

One Story: Luke 24:44-53 “Going Home”

Pastor Steve Hull 04.11.2021 Jesus invites his followers to a life of transformation through confession and the reviving of forgiveness. 

One Story: Luke 24 – “God’s Wonderful Surprise”

Pastor Steve Hull 04.04.2021 God calls us to take this dangerous gift of hope, that is His resurrection and not keep it to ourselves. He tells us to go out…

One Story: Luke 22 – “A Dark Night in the Garden”

Pastor Steve Hull 03.28.2021 In times of difficulty, Jesus invites us to push aside our own will and follow him, with the Spirits guidance to administer the grace and mercy…

One Story: John 13 – “The Servant King”

Pastor Steve Hull 03.21.2021 Jesus invites us to follow his example — sacrificing for the sake of others.

One Story: John 12 – “Washed with Tears”

Seminarian Emily Hull 03.14.2021 Like Mary pouring out her oil we are called to see that Jesus is everything and worth everything

One Story: Luke 15 – “Running Away”

Pastor Steve Hull 03.07.2021 You can tell how much you understand about grace, by your willingness to give it.

One Story: Luke 19 – “The man who didn’t have any friends (none)”

Pastor Steve Hull 02.28.2021 Jesus invites us to seek out the lost, rejected, people we don’t always agree with, with love and compassion.