Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus desires faith that is refreshing and healing to people, not faith which goes through the motions.

Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus encourages the Christians of Philadelphia to not live in fear of external unknowns or persecution. They are to hold on to God’s faithful presence which open the door to the kingdom.

Pastor Steve Hull


Jesus has a seemingly harsh word to Sardis — “People think you are alive, but you are really dead.” Jesus gives grace as he warns because he calls them to strengthen what remains and to remember what is essential to the faith.

*Statistics come from Official Catholic Directory, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, CRCNA and Princeton internal statistical data.

Pastor Steve Hull


The church in Thyatira had an unhealthy relationship with the trade guilds which caused Christians to engage in idolatry. Additionally, a false prophet encouraged this behavior, but Jesus sees all and desires to correct it.

Pastor Steve Hull


Pergamum, like Smyrna was experiencing trouble. In this case the trouble was from within the church itself. Some Christians were following false teaching and were not willing to let Jesus be Lord of all of their life. If you say you believe in Jesus, you have to be willing to live for him.

Pastor Steve Hull


We turn to the second letter in Revelation and think about the persecution they experienced and asking ourselves “What does it mean to remain faithful?”

Pastor Ron Fynewever


As we begin a new year, we need to look at ourselves and ask, “Do we need to reignite the spark of love for Jesus? Is the love for Jesus still here? Do we love our neighbors as ourselves? Are we committed to love like Jesus loves? Are we known as a church close to the Word of God?”

Pastor Steve Hull


As we transition from this year to the next we may experience many unknowns. Many of the young churches experienced unknowns after Jesus had not returned as quickly as they expected. The Spirit gave John a vision of Jesus and a message for the churches — do not fear.