Judges | The Cycle Begins

Pastor Steve Hull 03.06.2022 As we enter the season of Lent, we enter the story of the Israelites as they begin a cycle of disobedience and repentance in the book…

Judges | Deborah

Pastor Steve Hull 03.13.2022 The Lord will use Deborah and Barak to save Israel, but Barak will pay a price because of his decision.

Judges | Gideon

Pastor Steve Hull 03.20.2022 The story of Gideon helps us consider what altars do we need to break down in our lives.

Judges | Jephthah

Pastor Steve Hull 03.27.2022 In the story of Jepthah, we see Israel and their savior add cultic religion as a part of their worship to the Lord.

Judges | Samson

Rev. Gerrit Koedoot 04.03.2022 We continue our Judges series looking at the messy story of Samson.

Judges | Need for a King

  Rev. Gerrit Koedoot 04.10.2022 Throughout this series we have seen the failure of Israel and the increasing moral failure of the Judges. God moves to bring a king to…

Easter | The Risen King

Pastor Steve Hull 04.17.2022 At the end of the Book of Judges, Israel needs a king. In our life, we too need a king and the grave is no match…