Pastor Becky Tjapkes


In Luke 10 Jesus tells a parable in which we are asked the question -“Who is my neighbor?” Do we separate those who are like us from those who are not? Compassion transcends boundaries and Jesus calls us to be free from boundaries because God loves us without boundaries. His love transforms us. The more we love our neighbors, the more the world will change!

Pastor Steve Hull


The parable of the rich fool asks us the question, What kingdom are we building up? Are we self-focused, building our own kingdom? or Are we focusing on God and God’s kingdom?

Pastor Steve Hull


In Luke 16 Jesus contrasts the rich man with Lazarus – someone who is poor. The story is not a condemnation of wealth, but it does make us look at the condition of our hearts. Are we compassionate and concerned for those who are needy, lost, lonely, fatherless or widowed? How is your heart?

Pastor Steve Hull


In Luke 7, an uninvited woman comes to wash the feet of Jesus. The Pharisee only sees a sinful woman, but Jesus shares a parable expressing the deep gratitude and love shown by those who have been forgiven much.

Pastor Steve Hull


In Luke 14, while Jesus is in the house of a well known Pharisee, he heals a man on the sabbath and then tells a story. Jesus Shares a story of a man hosting a great banquet, but the people invited find any and every excuse not to attend. The host goes on to fill his house with anyone willing to attend. This passage is not only a challenge to seek out others, but to examine ourselves by asking the question – What keeps me from the invitation?

Pastor Steve Hull


In Luke 11, after teaching the disciples how to pray, Jesus shares a story about midnight guests to show that God gives to uphold His honor.

Pastor David Den Haan


The parables of the lost things are all asking the same question: “Will you come too?” Jesus asks it of the religious leaders who are scowling, in verse 1-2, at Jesus mixing with the filthy people. He wants them to come with him in his work of restoring broken people. God asks it of us inviting us to see what he is doing, where his heart is, and then to come along with him.