Pastor Steve Hull


The Year of Jubilee was God’s way of showing his divine economy of Grace. Jesus ushers in this vision when he begins his ministry and continues it when he rises from the dead. We are invited to join him in ushering in his kingdom. It’s a kingdom where debt is forgiven and captives are set free.

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Pastor Steve Hull


The feast of tabernacles was “coming home” for the Israelites. It was a way they remembered the past – 40 years of wandering the desert. They recalled the need for water and light through a couple of rituals. It was during this feast that Jesus made statements saying he is the light of the world and the one who provides rivers of living water within. It is Jesus who satisfies.

Pastor Becky Tjapkes


The Feast of Trumpets was celebrated in the fall. Trumpets were blown by the priests from sunrise to sunset. This symbolized God’s domination, power and guidance. It was a call back to God’s presence and a reminder to the Israelites of God’s royal reign. We need this reminder of God’s power and rule over all our lives as well. It is a trumpet call to us to share Christ’s love with the help of the Holy Spirit wherever He places us.

Pastor Steve Hull


The Israelites rested from their festivals for 7 full weeks until the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost. As the Israelites would celebrate the coming of the ten commandments, the disciples received the Holy Spirit. The disciples would then go on to translate the Word into the language of the neighborhood. We are likewise challenged to recognize this power and the opportunities of the Holy Spirit as we translate Jesus into the language of our neighborhoods.

Pastor Steve Hull


The Feast of First Fruits gave spiritual significance to the work of the farmer. As the first bundle of grain was gathered, it was offered to God in anticipation of what was to come – the full harvest. It was through God’s provision that people would live. It too is through the first fruit of Jesus resurrection that we can anticipate the resurrection of all believers.

Pastor Steve Hull


The Feast of Unleavened Bread focused on the life which Israel left behind. The sweeping of the leaven from their homes was a reminder of how they were to sweep out sin in their lives. The trouble is, as much as we try to keep ourselves from evil and sin, we are born with it. Jesus has come to assist us in sweeping out our hearts.

Pastor Steve Hull


The Passover shows God’s people that deliverance from slavery to freedom is costly. The rescue God brought needed a lambs sacrifice and blood on doorposts. In the same way, salvation and deliverance in our life from sin needs the blood of Jesus on the doorposts of our hearts.

Pastor Steve Hull


Leading up to Easter we will take a look at the feasts of Israel through the lens of Jesus. We will ask the question, “How has Jesus fulfilled the purposes of these feasts by the way he lived?”