Sunday School

We provide a comprehensive program to nurture our children and youth as they grow into mature Christians.


Sunday Youth Education classes meet from 11:00 a.m. - noon on Sunday during the months of September through April.

         Sunday School - Kindergarten through 6th Grade

    Dates of special events and no Sunday School Class are as follows:

              Nov. 27   Choir only-Begin Christmas program rehearsal

              Dec. 4     Program practice

              Dec. 11   Program practice and presentation in evening

              Dec. 25   No Sunday School

              Jan. 1     No Sunday School

              Feb 19    No. Sunday School

              Apr 1      No Sunday School

              Apr 8      No Sunday School

              Apr 29    Last Sunday School class

         Basic Bible Truths (Catechism)  - 7th through 12 Grade


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