Outreach ministries

We at Princeton seek to serve our local community directly in a variety of ministries and also support other local ministries. 

Follow this link to check out some of our direct ministries.   In addition our deacons seek to minister to the needs of community and congregation through a "benevolence fund."  

We support several local ministries such as:
Guiding Light Mission
Health Intervention Services (HIS) 

We reach out beyond our community by supporting word and deed ministries of the Christian Reformed Church of North America with our "ministry share" budget giving and through our "Faith Promise" giving program we contribute to the support of the following:

Chaplain Services, Inc, Grand Rapids, MI - www.ChaplainServicesInc.org

Stan and Bessie Kruis, CRWM - www2.crcna.org/pages/crwm.cfm                                                 

Rev. Mike and Ardith Meekhof, CRHM, Zuni, New Mexico - www.crcna.org/pages/crhm.cfm
Davis and Beth Omanyo, CRWRC, Uganda - www.CRWRC.org

Rev. Jimmy Lin, Back to God Hour - www.BackToGod.org
Steve and Tanya Tiesenga, International Teams/CRWM, Uganda - www.tiesenga.blogspot.com