Ministry Teams

Our Ministry Goals:

  • Proclaim Christ Joyfully
  • Welcome Everyone Warmly
  • Walk in Faith Supportively
  • Win our World Gratefully

To strive toward those goals Princeton has nine ministry teams that meet monthly which direct the congregation's ministry:

  1. Prayer Team
  2. Worship Team
  3. Youth Team
  4. Outreach Team
  5. Learning Groups Team
  6. Fellowship Team
  7. Communications Team
  8. Care Team 
  9. Facilities Team

Prayer Team Leader: Don and Sheri Van Dyk
Ministry Goal: To diligently pray, as individuals and as a church, for each other and for our ministries in our community and in the world-wide Kingdom. We desire our Church to become an army of prayer warriors!

Worship Team Leader: Betty Grit
Ministry Goal: To clearly call people to Christ with celebrative worship in an atmosphere that welcomes and renews all who participate. We know that our communal worship is not only expressive of our faith, but also formative as we grow together in Christ. Worship at Princeton Church is a focal point of our relationship with God. Our hope is to encourage full, conscious, active participation in worship by our whole community.

Youth Team
Ministry Goal: To strongly guide our children and youth in a life of discipleship and service, through our active involvement in their church education, spiritual growth and service. We have the awesome privilege of demonstrating our love for Christ to our children!

Outreach Team Leader: Tiffany Engle
Ministry Goal: To prayerfully reach out to our friends, neighbors and visitors, both children and adults, with each member developing one-to-one relationships with neighbors and friends. Outreach is central to our mission statement. Let's be salt and light!

Learning Team: Leader: Uko Zylstra
Ministry Goal: To continually build up and share our knowledge of the Bible, Church and Kingdom, as we live our lives in service to God in His world. We never stop learning. God is always teaching us something new.

Fellowship Team Leader: Shelley Porter
Ministry Goal: To provide support for fellowship events where we have the opportunity to unconditionally and actively welcome all visitors and members to our church. The Fellowship Team provides the "oil" for the fellowship engine at Princeton Church.

Communications Team Leader: Matt Wiechel
Ministry Goal: To actively publicize our church and programs, with a focus on our surrounding neighborhoods and community. The Communications Team supports the other ministry teams with their technical and artistic talents.

Care Team Leaders: Virginia Vander Wall, Pat Vander Molen, Carolyn Sturck & Mara Koning
Ministry Goal: To lovingly support each other, concretely demonstrating Christ's love through our love for and service to each other and our community. We are hands and feet of Jesus!


Facilities Team Leader: Ward Walters



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